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The Infinite Bad The Butchers of Goose Lake: Part 2 Podcast episode

The second episode of our fourth adventure is now out! After five long years, our heroes have reunited in America. Investigating the appearance of a number of corpses with missing teeth, they infiltrate a speakeasy and try to find someone with information...


The Infinite Bad is a comedy-horror roleplaying show set in the aftermath of World War I. The weekly 30-minute episodes feature four unlikely heroes as they discover increasingly devastating undercurrents of horror during their globetrotting adventures. Staged by veteran RPG writer and gamemaster Giorgio Mariani, it stars me, Eleanor Koller, David Knight, and Charlie May.

Our first adventure, The Secret of Drakelow Hall, was set in a creepy English countryside manor in 1919, and our second, The Tomb of Arensnuphis, sees our heroes travelling to a newly discovered Egyptian tomb in 1920. Our third adventure, The Nightmare of Kau Yi Chow, was set in Hong Kong during Christmas 1921.

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