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The Infinite Bad The Doom of Antarctica: Part Three Podcast episode

The third episode of our sixth and FINAL season is now out! Our heroes have made it to the meteorological station of Little Halkirk, and just in time. Outside, a storm is brewing, and threatens to trap them with whatever dangers or secrets are lying in wait in this unassuming cabin.


The Infinite Bad is a comedy-horror roleplaying show set in the aftermath of World War I. The weekly 30-minute episodes feature four unlikely heroes as they discover increasingly devastating undercurrents of horror during their globetrotting adventures. Hosted by veteran RPG writer and gamemaster Giorgio Mariani, it stars me, Eleanor Koller, David Knight, and Charlie May.

Our first adventure was called The Secret of Drakelow Hall, set in a creepy English countryside manor in 1919, and introduced listeners to our silly characters. There have been five seasons in total, and our sixth and final season begins on the 1st of August.

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