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Pax Fortuna Podcast Definitely Human Productions

Pax Fortuna is Definitely Human's new comedy roleplaying show, set in the fantasy merchant republic of Fortuna. In weekly 30-minute episodes, our heroes go on stupid misadventures and try not to get each other killed. It's tonally the exact opposite of our last RPG podcast – just a light-hearted romp!

Listeners familiar with The Infinite Bad will be pleased to know that the whole crew is back: Giorgio Mariani, Eleanor Koller, David Knight, and Charlie May, with me GMing this time. And in the first 26-episode season we also manage to get in lots of appearances from other members of the Definitely Human Corporate Family!

Episodes go out every Friday from the 5th of July, but if you subscribe to the Definitely Human Patreon for $5 a month, you can listen to the entire first season right now! Check it out here!