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Pax Fortuna Podcast Definitely Human Productions

Pax Fortuna is Definitely Human's new comedy roleplaying show, set in the fantasy merchant republic of Fortuna. In weekly 30-minute episodes, our heroes go on stupid misadventures and try not to get each other killed. It's tonally the exact opposite of our last RPG podcast!

Listeners familiar with The Infinite Bad will be pleased to know that the whole crew is back: Giorgio Mariani, Eleanor Koller, David Knight, and Charlie May, with me GMing this time. And in the coming season we'll also be introducing more players from the Definitely Human Corporate Family.

The first adventure is currently out in early access on the Definitely Human Patreon, where for $5 a month you can get weekly Pax Fortuna episodes alongside LOADS of other great content. The public release of Pax Fortuna starts in July, and the Patreon early access will continue to release all episodes six months early for subscribers!

We're really glad to be all working together on a new project, and this one will be far lower stakes and higher octane than The Infinite Bad. No tragedy, no horror, no dead family members – just a light-hearted romp!